Why Spending Time Outdoors Is Good for Your Health

Most of us intuitively know that spending time outdoors, especially in nature, is beneficial to our health. This is why so many people go in for hiking and a variety of other activities in a forest, by a river, in mountains etc. Also, every parent knows that children tend to behave more placidly and sleep better after playing in the open air. Additionally, a short walk is an ultimate kind of therapy to relieve stress and leave the burden of daily concerns behind you.

The above benefits are not just an imaginary thing but rather the fact supported by multiple relevant studies. Let’s take a closer look at what medical specialists say.

Practice Outdoors Activities on a Regular Basis

outdoorAccording to available research reports, people who spend weekly at least a couple of hours in the open air feel healthier and are more agile mentally as compared to those who neglect communing with nature. Interestingly, it actually does not matter how an individual accumulates the desired two hours spent outdoors. Walking daily around your house is as helpful in this respect as a full day dedicated to hiking around a forest once a week. Obviously, this fact extends available opportunities and makes this type of leisure affordable to everyone, no manner how busy or mobile they are.

Also, certain studies show that even quick and short-term recreation in nature is a potent supply of energy. That said, hiking, bicycle rides or just sitting on a park bench are highly recommended and can be a worthwhile option of recovering after a hard working day. The available data show that your mood and self-esteem get boosted already after five minutes spent with nature. Even the most preoccupied businessmen involved in the study relaxed and began to behave like children after one hour in the open air.

To summarize, there is strong evidence that nature really can help us recover from daily concerns and stress. In this respect, hiking about countryside or a forest is not the only valid option to consider. If there is a park near your house, visit it on a regular basis to stroll or just relax sitting on a bench. If not, a short walk in the evening would be good too. In complex with diet you’ll get a miracle (source: https://hemorrhoidoff.com/hemorrhoids-diet-foods-avoid-eat).

Not Just Physical Activity

As mentioned above, it is spending time in nature that really matters rather than what you actually do there. If you are an active person, and your physical condition is good enough, opt for hiking, cycling, jogging, playing with a ball etc. If not, feel free to just enjoy sitting and contemplating nature or children play around. The underlying idea is that nature provides the discussed benefits through mental rather than purely physical mechanisms. Most of us are concentrated on our job or study all day, every day, so this change of a setting is inspiring by itself. Additionally, breathing with fresh air rich in oxygen is an ultimate way to replenish your energy stock.

Obviously, to get the maximum effect from this kind of recreation, you have to put aside all those annoying gadgets like a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This approach allows you to take a break from your daily routine with its endless problems and concerns. The idea is to regularly switch attention between stressful factors that we face every day and the placid environment around us, which we often overlook. Studies show that this is a very important concept, which is typically underrated.

According to researchers, the healing effect discussed in the article is based on the mankind’s long history. Since the beginning of time, nature provided people with a shelter, food and energy. This tradition to appeal to nature when we are hard pressed is engraved deep inside human beings. Nature is the environment where man evolved, and it is willing to stands by us any time we need its help. Don’t miss out the opportunity.

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