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Guide how to use eyelash serum

eyelash growingIf you are going to use some eyelash growth enhancer to both increase the thickness and length of your lashes and gain a more attractive look, you have to consider some important relevant aspects. The foremost thing you need to know is how to apply your eyelash growth serum properly to achieve a maximum result. So let’s take a look at major factors that affect the health and appearance of your precious eyelashes.

One of the tasks any eyelash serum is designed for is protecting your lashes against damage due to numerous harmful environmental factors that they are exposed to. It should also prevent them from falling out and breaking. To be confident your eyelashes are protected securely and 100% risk-free, you should better take advantage of a natural product. Nowadays, there is a great variety of products of this kind on the market to choose from. Once you have chosen a remedy that you believe to suit you the most, it is very important to apply it properly to obtain feasible results within a short period of time. One of the secrets you should know is that you need to apply your eyelash growing serum at the very roots of your eyelashes – just like you do with your liquid eyeliner. Doing this will promote the growth of the lash follicles. As a result, the hairs will be longer and thicker in just some weeks.

Another important issue to be taken into consideration is proper timing of using eyelash growth serum. To see sustainable and feasible results already in a very short time, it is strongly recommended to use a serum of your choice every night prior to go to bed. While most of natural eyelash growing serums contain such healthy components as vitamin E, almond and castor oils, or other nutrients, your eyelashes will receive on a daily basis all the nourishment necessary for their proper development. This is the case when regularity is of a primary importance. By doing this before going to bed, you will give your eyelashes some time to rest and absorb the nutrients. You can also use the serum twice a day, but only in case you apply it on a clean skin with all make-up removed.

Some women also opt to prepare their home-made eyelash remedies to boost the growth of their lashes. This can be a good option if you really know what you are doing. In this case, you should also pay double attention to security measures to avoid infections caused by germs, bacteria, or some impurities that can be present in your handmade mixture. Remember that expiry date of any home-made remedy is much shorter than that of a factory one, and the storage conditions are more rigorous. Neglecting this rule may cause infections and other health problems.